"We offer a company pension scheme to ensure the well-being of our employees and provide them with financial security in retirement."

Julián Vásquez | People Operations Specialist
Electricity supply
Locations: Førde (NO), Oslo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm

About Tibber

As a green electricity provider, Tibber helps its customers to save electricity and make a contribution to the energy transition at the same time. To do this, Tibber buys electricity on the electricity exchange and passes it on to users - plus fees and charges - without a profit margin. With this new business model, Tibber earns nothing from the kilowatt hour consumed. Instead, the Tibber app not only offers transparency, but also the right tools for Tibber's customers to reduce their own consumption. Tibber was founded in 2016 by Daniel Lindén and Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes and currently operates in Germany, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.


  • Stand out from other employers
  • Strengthen the employer brand
  • Easy implementation in several languages by an international team
"The subject of occupational pension schemes is bureaucratic. For people who are not familiar with the laws, it quickly feels like an administrative monster. Degura is very supportive here, as it offers advice digitally, simply and in several languages."


  • Attractive employer in themarket segment
  • Offer our international team advice anddocuments in German and English
  • Support our employees in insurance matters

Highlights mit Degura

  • Cooperation at eye level
  • Automation through HiBob connection
  • Pension benefit tool for HR and employees
"I would like to praise Degurabecause the collaboration is easy and smooth. Degura is always available andhelpful. We at T     ibber are very happy and satisfied. I would recommend you toothers. From an HR perspective, Ihave a portal with the right information, and the rest runs automaticallythanks to the connection to our HRMS tool. I recommend Degura because employeesreceive very good advice."


  • More attractive employer due to higher subsidy than the statutory requirement
  • A benefit tool with friendly and helpful people
  • Pension benefit tool for HR and employees
  • A UX friendly and very helpful portal, with all the important information we need
"We want to remain an attractive employer, and we do this by among other things through the company pension scheme. The company pension scheme is a great benefit, I wish more companies would recognize and offer it.

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