“Digital bAV process, less effort and stronger employee loyalty.”

Elena Marenbach, People Administrator at The Mobility House
56,000+ customers


Since 2009, The Mobility House has been dedicated to an emission-free future and connects the automotive and energy industries. More than 56,000 B2C and B2B customers rely on intelligent charging and energy solutions and the integration of vehicle batteries into the power grid. More than 350 employees at five locations worldwide are working continuously to take people along the path to the future of e-mobility and to develop smart solutions and technologies.

Our challenge

“Until now, we had a high administrative workload for our employee pension portfolio, accompanied by few information options — we wanted to change that. When everything is digital, it's easier for all of us.
Until now, we have only traditionally known the topic of company pension provision in connection with dusty and cumbersome advice. In addition, the previous administration and maintenance of concluded contracts was very complex and time-consuming.”

  • Dusty administration
  • Digitize the occupational pension portfolio
  • Stronger presence of the occupational pension scheme and strengthening employee loyalty
  • Contacting and obtaining information

Which goal did we want to achieve?

  • Simplify the bAV process
  • Getting employees excited about bAV
  • Comprehensive information and easy conclusion of contracts
  • Strengthen bAV as a benefit for employee loyalty
  • Reduce language barriers for international employees

Why we chose DEGURA

  • bAV is digitalized, simplified and time-saving
  • All important information available digitally at a glance
  • Up-to-date data thanks to the Personio interface

Our experience with DEGURA

“Degura once again gave me all the basic information about bAV. Everything was more modern and, above all, digital. Accessibility during the introduction of Pension Cloud was also consistently good.”


  • bAV from home for everyone
  • Language barrier removed
  • Sustainable process
  • Saving time
  • Digital solution

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