“A solution that fits our remote culture. ”

Sarah Büker, Head of HR at Entyre
Smart Health
+ 10,000 customers


Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Hamburg, Entyre today operates a total of nine office locations with more than 10,000 customers in its portfolio. These include statutory health insurers such as AOK, TKK and many more. The international team offers its customers intelligent smart health solutions for better and more efficient healthcare. In this way, gaps in care are identified quickly and better decisions are made for patients, doctors and insurers.

“Our employees live our digital-first culture. It is therefore all the more important to us to have a solution that is in line with our corporate culture and at the same time keeps costs low for everyone.”

Our challenge

“When we started working on the subject of bAV, a few employees already had a contract. However, there was no central offer. While the importance of bAV as an employee benefit was obvious, a digital solution was needed that was even feasible with our workforce working remotely of up to 70%. ”

  • High bureaucratic effort due to a lack of expertise on the subject of bAV
  • A long-term solution that scales with us
  • Our thesis: Digital mind-set is not compatible with the traditional insurance world

Which goal did we want to achieve?

  • Easy setup and digital contract management
  • Remote-compatible and multilingual offer
  • Higher employer subsidy to create real benefits
  • Seamless integration with Personio (perspective connection considered)

Why we chose DEGURA

  • Quick implementation
  • Digital Pension Cloud is a perfect fit for our culture
  • Save time thanks to a comprehensive range of consulting services
  • Proven expert in digital bAV
  • Personio connection

Our experience with DEGURA

“The issue of bAV has been close to our hearts for a long time, but the right solution was missing. With Degura's digital Pension Cloud, we are now taking our benefit program to the next level. Not just for our employees. It also makes our work much easier.”

Outcome: More than just satisfied employees

  • Above-average subsidy is convincing
  • Approx. 70% time savings with full documentation
  • Digital experience - everything on one platform
  • Consulting services that are perfectly tailored to us

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