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Sophie Just, Head of HR at Eigenherd
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Eigenherd GmbH is one of the leading Salesforce consulting partners in Germany. Together with its customers, Eigenherd designs a future-oriented digital corporate architecture with individual, cloud-based solutions and makes the holistic change process in companies successful. Eigenherd supports its customers across industries, from startups, SMEs, the public sector and corporations to foundations and socially engaged companies in their digital transformation on the Salesforce platform.

The initial situation

From an HR perspective:

  • A lot of time spent coordinating appointments and communication channels.
  • Lack of transparency regarding consultation services, such as pension contracts and the waiver of the employee to accept the offer of a bAV.
  • Lack of product diversity from previous supply concepts with limited flexibility.

From an employee perspective:

  • Inappropriate offer from the previous provider to meet the needs of employees.
  • Lack of multilingualism, especially English-language counseling options.
  • Manual processes such as making appointments that did not fit the company's “remote culture.”

Our dream of a bAV solution

Our goal was to design the bAV offer in such a way that we would be an attractive employer, be able to strengthen employee loyalty and also make an active contribution to promoting the financial provision of our employees. In our understanding, this is an important aspect for companies that strive for a real ESG/CSR impact.

In Eigenherd's core business, everything revolves around digitalization. Hence the search for a digital and contemporary solution that fits the corporate culture.


Eigenherd was impressed by the following points:

  • DEGURA Pension Cloud is modern and digital.
  • Software, advice and documentation are available in German and English.
  • DEGURA is independent and not bound to an insurance partner.
  • The service also includes advising the employer (care plan and legal issues)

Great success with DEGURA

"We were able to hand over the bAV topic to a specialist who provides us with holistic support from design, implementation, communication and support. From an HR perspective, we have noticed significant time savings. Our expenditure on the bAV topic has been reduced by at least 50 percent. In addition, our employees are completely satisfied with our bAV offer and also take advantage of it. In particular, the independent and digital way of processing information and consulting processes are very well received. For us, company pension provision is an important benefit for our employees, which should not be missing in a modern company."

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