“We are big fans of tools that make everyday life easier for us.”

Saskia Opitz, Office & People Manager at Softgames
> 400 premium HTML5-Games


Founded as an instant gaming company in 2006, SOFTGAMES is now represented on the market with more than 400 casual HTML5 games. On Facebook's instant games platform in particular, titles such as “Bubble Shooter Pro” or “Solitair Farm Seasons” have become hits by the millions. Today, the company operates two offices in Berlin and Toronto, Canada with a total of around 90 international employees.

Our challenge

“We have seen that the issue of bAV is simply a great topic for our employees. Because it is cost-effective for us as an employer. And because there are many young people in the gaming sector who haven't even dealt with the topic yet.

The question was: How do we best set this up so that we get the least work done? With previous employers of mine, you always had to go after the insurance agency, it was a huge back-and-forth.”

  • No digital solution in place that makes everyday work easier
  • Communication between traditional insurers is complicated and sometimes incomprehensible
  • International team, company language primarily English

Which goal did we want to achieve?

  • Provide cost-effective benefits with real added value
  • Satisfied employees
  • Create a unique selling point with great benefits
  • Introduce young employees to the topic of pensions
  • Make the topic understandable for an international team

Why we chose DEGURA

"We are big fans of tools that make everyday life easier for us.
And to have a platform on which you can intuitively see who has already been in consultation or, for example, has already received a bAV offer. This relieves us of a lot of administrative work."

  • All information presented super-easily, not only in German but also in English
  • Strong service concept in the foreground
  • Intuitive operation of the Pension Cloud
  • Significantly lower administrative costs

Our experience with DEGURA

"It is much easier to say, look, here is the link, you can sign up there, you will be consulted here. And everything we need to prove is then simply seen in the Pension Cloud at a glance. In principle, thanks to Degura, the bAV benefit runs completely in the background for us.”

  • Significantly less administrative work
  • More convincing arguments in recruitment
  • Intuitive digital experience
  • Cost-effective benefit that creates added value

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