Digital company pension plan – The DEGURA Pension Cloud with new features & benefits for HRlers

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In today's dynamic working world, innovation and efficiency are essential – especially when it comes to offering company pension plans (bAV) for employees not only as a benefit, but also making management easier for HR managers. The DEGURA Pension Cloud has recognized these challenges and is setting new standards in the digital management and optimization of bAV.

Pension Cloud features & highlights at a glance

  • Clarity de luxe: A highly modern and user-friendly user interface that makes it possible to capture important information at a glance and make decisions faster and more informed.
  • Full power of key figures: All crucial bAV key figures are presented clearly so that HR managers can keep track of things at all times and make informed decisions.
  • Practical recommendations for action: Clearly formulated recommendations support the effective implementation of bAV in the company in order to design it optimally.
  • Maximum time savings & optimal decision-making: Thanks to the targeted preparation of data and recommendations for action, HR managers can use their time more efficiently and manage bAV in the company in the best possible way.
  • Flexible API connection to HR systems: Easy integration with common HR management systems such as Personio, HiBob, BambooHR, Sage, HR Works, Kenjo, Workday, etc., enables smooth communication between different systems and ensures seamless data maintenance.
  • Always up to date with the activity stream: A new activity stream provides access to all relevant activities and developments relating to bAV in the company at any time – transparently, clearly and without time-consuming searches.

Why Pension Cloud is more than just software

The DEGURA Pension Cloud is not just another software solution. It is a holistic tool that aims to revolutionize bAV administration and help HR managers make their company fit for the future.

  • To support corporate success: By optimizing bAV processes, the Pension Cloud directly contributes to the company's success by ensuring administrative efficiency and at the same time increasing the company's attractiveness as an employer.
  • Contribution to the ESG strategy: By enabling companies to pursue a sustainable and responsible bAV policy, the Pension Cloud actively supports the company's ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) goals.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and retention: Transparent, efficient and personalized bAV management shows employees that the company takes their future and satisfaction seriously. This not only promotes commitment, but also long-term loyalty to the company.


At a time when digitization is playing an increasingly important role in all areas of working life, the DEGURA Pension Cloud represents a groundbreaking solution. It not only offers new features and benefits that make the working lives of HR managers easier, but also makes a significant contribution to employee satisfaction and the success of the company. Discover the opportunities offered by the digital transformation of company pension plans and use the DEGURA Pension Cloud to take your bAV management to the next level.

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