API Connection – Dream Team: DEGURA Pension Cloud & HR Tool

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In today's digital era, networking between systems isn't just a luxury – it's a necessity. The key to this essential connection? The application programming interface (API). Our DEGURA Pension Cloud can be seamlessly connected to all common HR management systems via an API. But what exactly does that mean, and what are the benefits for HR professionals? Let's dive deeper.

Pension Cloud & HR Tool – the dream team

Imagine a world in which your Pension Cloud and HR tool communicate with each other like long-time friends – constantly in touch, without misunderstandings. The result? Seamless communication and data that is always up to date. The days of tedious reconciliations and manual updates are over. Welcome to the future of seamless collaboration.

Efficient bAV management

Integrating an API into your HR system revolutionizes the management of occupational pension plans (bAV). With this interface, the entire management process is optimized – away from redundant data entries and error-prone manual transfers. The result? More time for what really counts: strategic HR tasks.

Real time updates

With the API connection, your employee data is always up to date. Every change in the HR system is automatically reflected in the Pension Cloud. This means: no duplicate data entries, no unnecessary waiting times – simply efficient and up-to-date data storage.


Our software solution is designed to grow and adapt with your business – regardless of whether you're in a rapid upswing or in a phase of consolidation. Our solution scales according to your personnel planning.


By minimizing manual intervention, the API connection not only reduces the risk of errors, but also increases data security. We use the latest security standards to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Personalized solutions

By connecting employee information directly via the API, we can create retirement plans that are as individual as your teams. This personal approach not only increases employee satisfaction, but also increases their loyalty to your company.

The technology behind the API

An API allows two different systems to “talk” to each other and exchange information. But how does that work exactly?

Basic principles of an API:

  • Interface: A set of rules and protocols that systems use to communicate.
  • Data transmission: Information is exchanged in a standardized format.
  • Authentication: Security mechanisms ensure that only authorized systems have access.

Future prospects

Using APIs is a crucial step on the path to digital transformation. By using this technology, we create a basis for agile, efficient and secure HR processes.


An API connection between the DEGURA Pension Cloud and your HR tool offers numerous advantages: increased efficiency, data security, flexibility and personalization. In a world where digital transformation is constantly advancing, it is more important than ever to use the right tools and technologies. Discover how our API-based solution can transform your bAV management – free of charge and tailored to your company's needs.

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