Close the pension gap now with support from your employer!

Company pension (bAV) offers you both:
Financial returns and security for a carefree retirement.

Digital bAV contract management, consulting
and communication from a single source.

The statutory pension is no longer sufficient for a carefree retirement.

Society is getting older and older; the aging society brings contributor and pensioner levels more and more out of balance.

The contributions paid into the statutory pension system fund over many years are often not even fully paid back through retirement.

The pension gap is becoming an increasingly serious threat as a result of demographic change.

There are too few contributors and too many pensioners.
Unfortunately, there is no improvement in sight.

Pension amount as a percentage of gross salary

If you do not make your own provisions yourself, you will face financial worries in retirement.

Already today, more than 15% of pensioners live in old-age poverty.
Almost one in five pensioners in Germany is at risk of this.

The rising numbers are alarming,
the implications for pensioners just too terrible. 

With a company pension, return is guaranteed and retirement is better secured.

It has actually never been easier to make
your own provisions for retirement.

Companies are not only obliged to offer company pensions (bAV), since 2018 they even have to subsidize employee contributions
with at least 15%.

This is why company pensions (bAV) are already one of the
safest and most popular pension types for employees.

Advantages of a bAV with Degura

Attractive employer subsidy

Your employer subsidizes your personal pension plan with at least 15% on top of your own contribution – guaranteed. Many employers even go beyond the legal minimum subsidy.

Tax and social security savings

Since your pension plan contributions are deducted directly from your gross salary, you end up having lower monthly income tax and social security payments and thus save twice - and your employer also
ends up with savings in social security payments.

Guaranteed pension

No matter what happens, your company pension plan is there for you in retirement. Independent of the employer or the pension fund. With a bAV, you receive direct payments from the contributions you have saved over the course of your life and the returns you have earned – unlike a statutory pension.

Above average return opportunity

Hardly any pension plan pays off more than a bAV. Employer subsidies and tax savings offer you added value on your savings contribution right from the start. The saved amount also generates an additional return.

Who is Degura anyway?

is the service provider for digital bAV
- for you and your employer!

Digital and personal

Our bAV specialists are
always there for you personally
when you need them

Always accessible

With our digital portal,
all important data and contracts
are always available

Transparent and clear

All information is just
one click away, presented
in an easy to understand way

Easy and uncomplicated

We take the hassle out pensions
for you and your employer: our concept
is super easy to integrate and to use

100% indipendent

We work only for you and your
well-deserved retirement and not for the financial interests of an insurer

Maximum Security

Your data is safe with us and always well
protected, thanks to our state-of-the-art
IT security concept

Start now

Already more than 100 companies
and their employees trust in Degura.

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Please share a contact person in your company's HR department and we will get in touch to discuss the possibilities of bAV at your company.